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Stella is a poet and short story writer who hails from the great state of Maine. When she not telling tall tales, drinking wine, or eating cheese, she can be found tapping away at or furiously shaking her Mac, trying to encourage good poems to fall out.

She is preoccupied with telephones. She will return your call as soon as possible.


a streetcar named desire, a third party, acadia national park, action jackson, adrienne rich, ani difranco, astoria, athens, ben doyle, biking, billy bragg, bob dylan, books, canoodling, carolyn forche, cashews, cellos, chefs, chevre, coffeemilk, collage, collard greens, cross country joyrides, david bowie, david smith, dickens, dorrie the little witch, eating your fill, eddie izzard, ee cummings, elliot smith, elvis, elvis costello, fametracker, fan dancing, faulkner, fencing, fiction, filibusters, films, five easy pieces, flicks, france, fretting, fudgecicles, gabriel garcia marquez, gastronomy, gillian welch, gloria deluxe, google, gourmandes, hangliding, hannah hoch, harold and maude, hemingway, high hopes, hot air balloons, hotpants, idolects, ignatz mouse, iron & wine, italy, jake glyenhall, james baldwin, jeanette winterson, joni mitchell, key lime pie, kid's books, knitting, krazy cat, landlubbers, laughtracks, letterpress, limeys, living large, lomography, macs, make-up, marie howe, modest mouse, mogwai, movies, mullets, neruda, new york, nigella lawson, nina simone, norah jones, ocean, otis redding, painting, pavement, peckerwoods, photography, pixies, pj harvey, poet's house, poetry, pomegranates, pool, pottery, prince, printmaking, prose, puns, queens, quilts, red hot fireballs, rolling stones, romare bearden, rothko, rubber, sarah vaughn, saratoga, sculpture, seesaws, sewing, slant 6, sledding, snow angels, sonambulists, songs: ohia, stanley kunitz, straight dope, succulents, syzygies, the adirondacks, the atlantic, the finer things, the little prince, mus, the musical saw, the n train, the state of maine, thumbwrestling, tina modotti, tom waits, toni morrison, weight lifting, whiskey and wine, whitman, wilco, yellow, yo la tengo, yo momma, yoga, yusef komunyakaa